McDonald's Kampung Burger Party

After that long digress on "What am I thankful for this thanksgiving", what I really want to talk about is this McDonald's Kampung Burger Party that I was invited to that same night thanks to kind people of Omy and McDonald's!

While I didn't get to enjoy turkey this thanksgiving (BUT I'm definitely looking forward to the feasting coming Christmas), I got to try out the latest burger from McDonald's that's gonna be launched next week.

The Kampung Burger is actually a comeback burger from 20 years back with a slight twist. Well, I've never tried it before la since I'm probably only 1 years old when it was first launched. It is a pretty interesting burger cos the buns of this burger is the McMuffin bun, which I thought was something different. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there isn't a burger that has this bun apart from the breakfast menu, I think!

(No, the man with the parachute is not included in the meal. I kinda wanted to do a "poobur" style (Only one of the coolest instagrammer ever in my opinion) with the mini toys but there was only one. ah well)

The Kampung Burger consist of a crispy chicken patty, a pineapple ring topped with salsa sauce and a slice of cheddar cheese. I thought they could have done without the cheese la but what's a burger without cheese right? I thought the burger tasted pretty good, but I'm a stickler for classics so I'll still stick to my McSpicy ;) Oh! As a fair warning, eating this burger is gonna be a messy affair cos the serving is pretty huge, so make sure you prep with loads of napkins. Or maybe it's just me. I tend to be a really messy eater haha

Served together with the burger was a side of fries and two pieces of Kampung BBQ Drumlets and a Tropical Tango McFizz (which essentially is a fizzy mango drink). That drumlets was the best damn drumlets I've tasted man. They were reaaaaally good! I was so full from the burger but I made sure I finished the drumlets because they were that good! The drumlets were marinated with spices like paprika, garlic and onions and I thought they were nicer than the ones at Pizza Hut. It's only $2 for 2 piece so please go try them. I cannot emphasize how good they are! Similarly, they will be out next week as well.

The Kampung Burger Party was held at the Ang Mo Kio Park branch and I thought it was really cute that they aptly decorated the mini function room kampung style. Chews was also invited to the party so we went there together. Boy am I glad that she's there. Everyone there were friendly and really nice to talk to, don't get me wrong, but its definitely nice to have a familiar face there considering this is the first ever makan session I was invited to! 

There were old school games like five stones, chapteh, model aeroplane, tikam tikam provided at each table and we had the chance to play with them. There was also a mini competition of scissors paper stone and the prize was a full set of McDonald's character plushies. One of the guys won them (Lucky him!). but everyone got to bring back one plushie each nevertheless, so all's fair. 

This is everyone that attended the party. It was quite an experience, considering this is my first time attending one, I thought it went pretty well. Didn't manage to chat with everyone because of the seating arrangements but I'm sure there will be other opportunities to mingle around. I was thoroughly stuffed from the burger meal, I made new friends, and I had the opportunity to have a little chat with the PR ladies from Golinharris (who were extremely attentive and friendly) and the lady from McDonald's marketing team. They were super nice, sharing with me about their working experiences and also their stories about getting their first full time job, which gave me some insights on what I will soon face considering I just graduated from school.

I would like to thank Omy and Mcdonald's once again for this invitation and I'm definitely looking forward to the next makan session! :)

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